Frame Restoration

Some frames are irreplaceable. If your frame is in need of repair we can help. Our frame experts can replace losses and match finishes.
Visit our shop, email [email protected] or call 518.789.3428 for consulation on your project.

If your art is in need of restoration, we can help. We work with qualified restoration experts and will guide you through the process.

  1. Preparing Losses on Frame
    Preparing Losses on Frame
  2. Apply 22kt Gold Leaf
    Apply 22kt Gold Leaf
  3. Restored!
  1. Hand Carving
    Hand Carving
  2. Perfect Match
    Perfect Match
  3. Unfinished Wood
    Unfinished Wood
  4. Gesso Layer
    Gesso Layer
  5. Clay Layer
    Clay Layer
  6. 22kt Gold Leaf Layer
    22kt Gold Leaf Layer
  7. Burnish to Match
    Burnish to Match
  8. Restored!